Thursday November 23, 2000
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness
The Shopping Trip


Breya:That's it. This armor is just too humiliating. I'm sending it back
Kevyn:But you just got it. Don't you want to put it through its paces?
Schlock:Yeah! Like, maybe you could jump up and down!
Breya:That's just the problem! I can't command men if they look me in the torpedo bays instead of the eyes.
Kevyn:Maybe you could parade yourself in front of the troops to raise their morale.
Sign:(singularites) (Emissions) (Corrosive)
Breya:And maybe I could knock you through your next three-day pass to raise my morale...
Kevyn:I'm kidding, Sis, I'm kidding!
Schlock:And I'm assembling the troops.