Sunday October 9, 2005

Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei
Part II: Schlocktoberfest 2005


Narrator:Search and Rescue has become search and recovery. . .
Policeman:I'm sorry, folks. We found your friend's right arm, lying on the bottom.
Policeman:We also found your friend's pistol, and recovered one of the rounds he fired. Would you like to tell me what he was doing with high-velocity, armor-piercing ammunition?
Der Trihs:That's a silly question. We use it for killing people who are wearing body armor. Why do you ask?
Policeman:Well, if we know a bit more about the victim, his friends, his associates, and his enemies, we may be able to figure out who killed him.
Der Trihs:What does the arm tell you?
Policeman:Not much. Preliminary examination showed ragged edges and marks on the bone, consistent with one or more six- to nine-inch dull, serrated "blades,", not unlike the teeth of a very large shark.
Der Trihs:That sounds like a lot more than not much.
Policeman:Sir, all we can tell right now is that somebody really wanted this to look like a shark attack.
Der Trihs:Ahhh. You're looking for a motive for the cover-up along with a motive for the crime.
Der Trihs:Have you considered that maybe, just maybe, the killer committed the crime and made it look like a shark attack because the killer was hungry, and happened to be a shark?
Policeman:You obviously know nothing about police work.