Monday July 9, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Interrogation Interruption


Narrator: Doyt discusses morality with the A.I. in his head:
Haban II: (doyt) Haban, I recall a time when you were the voice of reason, preventing me from being excessively violent.
Haban II: (doyt) You'd argue passionately in favor of tactics that neutralized the enemy, but left them all alive. You'd present entire case studies favoring the attenuation of militarism, all just to save an occasional life.
Haban II: (haban) What's your point, Doyt?
Haban II: (doyt) Well, i'm just figuring that you had a really, really good reason to execute that unarmed prisoner, that's all i'm saying.(haban) Don't push me right now, okay?
Dull F'sherl: