Thursday June 28, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Interrogation Interruption


Narrator: In captivity, Doythaban talks to himselves...
Haban II: (all his lines in this comic are thought.)(doyt) Haban, what are we going to do?(haban) You're going to let them interrogate you, Doyt.
Haban II: (doyt) can't you think of a way out of this mess?(haban) Like the brown guy said, we've tried escaping before, and failed.
Haban II: (haban) You just answer their questions. I'll sit here and think.(doyt) Sure, I get tortured, you get to watch. You've got it easy, haban.
Haban II: (haban) Yeah, being a captive in your body, and a slave to your thoughts has been a real walk in the park, let me tell you.(doyt) I'm going to think about punching you in the nose now. I hope it hurts.
Young G'tang: