Thursday July 12, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Interrogation Interruption


Ennesby: Haban, I'm not making this up. You called me not 20 minutes ago asking for a quick teraport.
DoytHaban: (haban) What makes you think it was me?
Ennesby: You transmitted your processor ID on the background band. Same as you're doing now.
DoytHaban: (haban) That's impossible, Unless I'd been duplicated somehow.
Shv'uu: Hey, Ennesby, Haban's calling for you. You want me to tell him you're already on the line with him?
Ennesby: Did you actually take time to think about that question before you asked it, Sh'vuu?
DoytHaban: (haban) Conference call, anyone?