Saturday June 30, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Interrogation Interruption


Young G'tang: Thanks for the informative session, mister gyo. It's time to die now.
Haban II: (haban, thinking) Let me do the talking, Doyt.(doyt, thinking) okay, haban...
Haban II: (haban) Can you answer some questions for me first?
Young G'tang: No. I have orders not to do any such thing.
Haban II: (haban) What a shame! You've got absolute power over me, and you're not even allowed to abuse it by lording your unstoppable master plan over me. Where's the fun in that?
Young G'tang: Oooh, You're a sneaky one, mister Gyo. This is the first time you've tried that trick on us, tempting us with 'fun.'
Haban II: (haban) So, about this master plan of yours...
Young G'tang: Forget it.