Tuesday June 26, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Interrogation Interruption


Narrator: A royal f'sherl-ganni youth comes of age...
Gasht'g'd'g'tang: Son, I believe that you should fly this one solo.
Young G'tang: Master G'tang, I'm not sure I'm ready yet.
Gasht'g'd'g'tang: I have confidence in you, son. You've apprenticed well at the controls, you know all the rules of engagement. Now you just need to do it without me looking between your horns.
Young G'tang: Well, if you have faith in me father, I know I'll succeed.
Gasht'g'd'g'tang: To succeed, you must have faith in yourself.
Gasht'g'd'g'tang: Besides, We've done this one dozens of times before.
Young G'tang: Poor, weak-minded human fool.
Haban II: (doyt) Torture me all you want! I'll never talk!