Wednesday August 1, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Equivocated Prevarication


Petey: I didn't lie to you, Captain. I did eat those prisoners.
Tagon: But by 'eat' you didn't mean what I thought you meant.
Petey: Right, I gassed them and then mass-cryo-stored the whole bunch, to keep them fresh, you know. . . for later.
Tagon: And then you allowed me to continue believing that they were permanently beyond reach.
Petey: Allowing you a belief is different from lying, sir.
Tagon: You deliberately misled me, Petey.
Petey: Nope. The word 'deliberately' connotes slow, careful thought. I don't think slowly, sir.
Tagon: If you live through the beating I'm going to give you, you're destined for a career in politics.