Wednesday June 5, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — The Teraport Wars
To save you, the reader, from the trouble of clicking through the Schlock Mercenary archives just to find strips detailing the last time Schlock was in a sewer, we've thoughtfully provided the following links:

Schlock helped Kevyn place some sensors in the "Big Haunted Battleship" storyline. He also got put in a ship's sewer by well-meaning commanding officers during the "BOARDERS!" storyline.

Then there was this one time with the circus, but you'll have to wait for the associated flash-back for that choice bit of scatalogical entertainment, as well as the answer to the question "How big a toilet bowl do you need to keep a sentient circus elephant happy?"


Shep: Oooh! I know how we c'n get to Kevyn!We break you up into li'l pieces, an' feed them into the plumbing. you re-form in the sewer, an' then climb out of the toilet on kevyn's end.
Schlock: Right. I see three problems with that.
Schlock: First, there's no plumbing to be found here. Second, I swore off sewers the last time I crawled through one.
Shep: But what if...
Schlock: And third, there's no plumbing to be found here.