Sunday June 9, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — The Teraport Wars


Narrator: Aboard the liberation fleet flagship Athens
Athens: Admiral, one of our contractors wants to speak to you. Shall I tell him you're busy?
Breya: No. Go ahead and put him through.
Tagon: Admiral Breya! Long time, no see. You've got a real fleet this time. Nice job!
Breya: Hello, Captain Tagon. I'm so happy we could throw some work your way.
Breya: Is it too late for me to be suddenly very busy?
Athens: To be truly convincing, I'd have to blow something up behind you.
Breya: Never mind.
Tagon: This isn't a social call, Admiral. I'm worried about something in which we both have mutual interest.
Tagon: This concerns one of my most valuable men, who also happens to be your brother.
Breya: Tagon, Kevyn is the reason your little band of thugs got hired for this in the first place.
Tagon: Right. Except at the moment we're afraid that his life is in danger. He's recovering potentially valuable military secrets, and his security detail has him virtually imprisoned out at Target Echo.
Breya: Captain, I assure you, I've got things under complete control. That particular research project poses no risk to Kevyn.
Tagon: Breya, I had to eat a lot of crow when I saw just what you'd put together here. I won't deny that you're a 'real' Admiral.
Tagon: Now then. . . A real admiral will listen to an experienced Captain on some matters.
Tagon: Use your Admiral's prerogative, and call all the way down to Kevyn's security detail. Ask for a line-by-line report of their findings.

If they say anything like 'need-to-know basis,' or 'don't bother yourself with the details,' then you have less control than you think.

Breya: Tagon, that would lead me to question the loyalty of my entire chain of command! Who could I trust?
Tagon: You'd have to work outside your command chain, and maybe call in a certain 'little band of thugs' with whom you have had prior dealings.
Breya: It's so nice to have friends in low places.