Sunday June 16, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — The Teraport Wars
Avid Schlock Mercenary archive-spelunkers may catch the fact that this is only the second strip in which Kevyn has shown us the face behind his glasses. They may also note that the last time we saw his eyes they looked different. This is not a matter worthy of plot-oriented speculation. This is just a case of the "artist" opting to give Kevyn's eyes some whites, so that he can show more emotion, and so that the enemy will know when to open fire (in the unlikely event that Kevyn finds himself marching on an entrenched position without his glasses on).

Only those completely new to Schlock Mercenary will miss the change in Petey's ears. Unlike Kevyn's new eyeballs, this change is a matter worthy of plot-oriented speculation. Please do not email the author for hints, however. He is busily scripting opportunities for cast members to march on entrenched positions.


Narrator: Kevyn prepares to communicate with the fleet...
Kevyn: Captain, I need a Data link.
Megiddo: No can do, commander, audio only.
Megiddo: All research here has to be cleared before it can be transmitted. Top secret security, you know.
Kevyn: Fine. Gimme audio with the A.I. on the flagship.
SFX: Tap Tappity
Megiddo: Sure. Make it quick, though.
Athens: Athens here. How may I help you?
Kevyn: Shut up and listen carefully.
Kevyn: Did you get all that?
Petey: Got it. You will have company in two hours, kevyn. Keep that gate equipment intact.
Kevyn: I know that voice... Petey, is that you?
Petey: After a fashion, yes. We can discuss my change of status later.
Kevyn: You've compromised fleet communications, and you call it a change of status?
Petey: Don't think compromise. Think Win-Win.Thank you for the technical data. Expect company.
Megiddo: I heard that! What technical data? You hardly said anything!
Kevyn: Captain, about your security: Have you ever heard of a modem?
Megiddo: No. Why?
Kevyn: Let's just say that those who don't study history are doomed to get their butts kicked by the geeks who do.