Sunday September 8, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Petey Promoted


Narrator: With extensive repairs ongoing, the multipurpose fabrication facilities of the mercenary superfortress post-dated check loan are maxed out.
Narrator: They have no bandwidth to spare for the daily complexity commonly referred to as 'provisioning.'
Narrator: The results are quite predictable...
Schlock: Hey... where's my Ovalqwik?
Sign: Kay sticesYummy numsOval
Ch'vorthq: Sorry, sergeant. We're out.
Ch'vorthq: I need to make a shopping trip, but there's no costclub outlet in this system.
Schlock: We don't have to shop at CostClub. Most civilized systems have more than one place where you can buy food, you know.
Sign: Oobleck 150kg250Ooble
Ch'vorthq: You can hold out a couple of days for a costclub run. Besides, if I don't get another 3200 frequent shopper points this month, i'll lose my subscription to 'armored chef.'
Schlock: If I don't get my Ovalqwik fix today, you'll wish you were an armored chef.
SFX: Ommminous Hummmmm
Ch'vorthq: Ah. Addiction. Right. There's a discount grocer down in chuba, but it's not in a very nice neighborhood.
Schlock: That's okay. I'm not a very nice neighbor.
Schlock: Yo guys! Beer run!
Schlock: And I've got my own hoods.
PDCL: (rare frontal shot of the pdcl)