Monday December 9, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Post Post-Dated Check Loan


Narrator: Meanwhile, DoytHaban's former employers hatch a plan to get him back.
Bongo: This Doyt Gyo is going to be a tough one to bring back alive. I've pulled in my top four bounty-hunters to extract him.
Bongo: Obviously, we'll have to resort to taking a few hostages for bargaining chips. An' there's definitely gonna be some collateral damage during the operation.
Bongo: Still, you said 'spare no expense.' i'm ready to send the team out on your word.
UNS Govt Suit: Right. And do you know what my word is?
Bongo: Um... 'Lock and load?'
UNS Govt Suit: Nope. It's 'idiot.' I took it from the following statement: 'The obvious way to get mister gyo back in our employ is to offer him his job back, complete with back pay and a signing bonus. Of course, it's only obvious if you are not an IDIOT.'
Bongo: So do you want me to send the troops, or not?