Saturday December 28, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Post Post-Dated Check Loan
Haban's reference to "keeping bits" does not apply to his last gig with Thud Bongo, in which he was wrongly accused of keeping bits of the corpse of The Doctor he brought in. That accusation stemmed from the fact that in Doyt's early days he DID make a habit of keeping a piece or two of each captured bounty, and it was this reputation that led to the accusations that got him fired (and, by extension, into the current mess).

Don't ask which pieces he liked to keep. Please.


Jevee Ceeta: This isn't over, Doyt. There's a price on your head, and I will be there when it's collected.
DoytHaban: Fine, Fine. Just hurry on your way, because in 30 seconds i'm going to let my boys open fire, and you'll only be able to be there in spirit.
DoytHaban: And don't forget your dwarf. He's having locomotion problems now that we've gotten him out of that fused armor.
Tug Shandal: Och... My achin'...
Tagon: You know, for all i've threatened to do it in the past, this is the first time i've ever actually torn someone a new one with my bare hands.
DoytHaban: Right. Just don't make my mistake and keep souvenirs.