Friday December 13, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Post Post-Dated Check Loan
Note: The bounty-hunters employed by Thud Bongo come from varied backgrounds, but most of them have something in common: if they did not work for Bongo, they'd be dead, in high-security prisons, or in the military. In fact all of them have been offered just these options at some point, and have wisely (or at least predictably) selected the option that affords them the most personal freedom.

Left to right you are looking at Lex Callister, Carv Dodder, Thud Bongo (whom you've met already), Jevee Ceeta, and Tug Shandal.

All of them are dangerous. None of them are nice. And since their pay and their personal freedom is incumbent upon revoking the personal freedom of others, their non-nicetude varies in direct proportion to their pay.


Bongo: It's time to go back to Plan A. Doyt turned me down, threatened to rob me, and then insulted me.

Here's the file we've got. He's got a bunch of new friends. Don't be afraid to use them as collateral.

Bongo: That means don't shoot your friends. Got it?
Jevee Ceeta: I'm fuzzy on this 'friend' concept.