Wednesday December 11, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Post Post-Dated Check Loan


Narrator: At the lowest level most minds are a combination of competing units, be they cells, silicon chips, or something else entirely.
Narrator: From this competition a gestalt arises. It's like a wave-form that, maybe from a distance, looks like consensus.
Narrator: Even at the highest level of consciousness, though, most sapient beings understand that there is an enternal dialog akin to combat implicit in even the simplest decision.
Narrator: DoytHaban, with his field-hybridized, dual persona Head-full-of-hardware, (complete with avatars for each personality) does the internal dialog thing more violently than most...
DoytHaban: (haban) If you'll just be patient and listen to me, I'll explain it again, using shorter words. Okay monkey-brain!
DoytHaban: (doyt) Well if you'd stop calling me 'monkey-brain' maybe i'd listen better, metal-head!