Sunday March 2, 2003
Book 2: The Teraport Wars — Post Post-Dated Check Loan


Narrator: Aboard the mercenary transport Serial Peacemaker, the company faces its direst challenge yet. . . The loss of their mercenary license and their Captain.
Ennesby: Okay, General, we've heard enough.
Ennesby: You're obviously just posturing. You have no plans to arrest Kevyn or draft Tagon, and you're certainly not revoking our license.
Ennesby: If you really wanted to do any of these things, you could have done them without the grand-standing.
Ennesby: Your performance here is simply a prelude to something else. You're going to hire us for some dirty work, and you're trying to improve your bargaining position first.
Xinchub: What makes you think I need you for anything?
Ennesby: It's simple. You know that there are places your military cannot go, and therefore there are jobs they cannot do. So you need us to do them, but you're too cheap to pay us what we're worth.
Xinchub: Little robot-head, I think your smarty-pants rating may be artificially inflated, because that is the silliest thing I've ever heard.

With the resources of the U.N.S. military, I can easily go anywhere this little mercenary company can go, even if I have to build a special ops force to do it.

Xinchub: Of course, since you've already got such a force, I may decide to let you save me some time.
SFX: Snap
Xinchub: Let's cut a deal, shall we?
Tagon: Fine, but I'm giving Ennesby full credit for the bit about you being cheap.