Friday March 21, 2003
Book 3: Under New Management — Part I: The REALLY Clever Monkeys


Jevee Ceeta: This conversation has been nicely distracting. Shall we come back to the point, now?
Jevee Ceeta: We are going to track down your former commander, your sister, and your ex-girlfriend, who all happen to be the same person, and we are going to do it quickly and efficiently.
Jevee Ceeta: When we find her, we are going to capture her, and commandeer the U.N.S. Destroyer Athens, the Frigate Sarasota, and whatever other fleet units she still retains under her now-illegal command.
Jevee Ceeta: And your emotions are not going to get in the way.
Tagon: Can we let being outnumbered and outgunned get in the way?
Schlock: I hope not. This sounds like fun!