Wednesday March 26, 2003
Book 3: Under New Management — Part I: The REALLY Clever Monkeys
Note: Again with the "Tinth-Philkra" naming mess... not to be left out, it would seem that the narrator has decided to refer to the Philkra system as the "Tinth-Philkra" system. If readers find themselves confused, perhaps they should talk to some 21st-century "Russians" in nice "Russian" places like "Uzbekistan" or "Latvia," or "Kyrgyzstan."


Narrator: The mercenary transport Serial Peacemaker teraports from Sol system to Tinth-Philkra.
Narrator: There is a galaxy-wide war on. Anti-teraport systems prevent the convenience of in-system arrival.
Narrator: This means days of sub-light voyage in from the Tinth-Philkra Kuiper belt.
Narrator: Time like this is best spent training. . . Honing skills to a deadly edge.
Legs: When I said you could hold the popcorn, I did not mean in there.
Schlock: Oh well. More for me, then.
Narrator: Unless, of course, there's something really good on TV.