Sunday August 15, 2004
Book 5: The Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance — Part IV: Hand it Over


Narrator: Aboard the UNS Destroyer Athens (In turn aboard the Tausennigan Ob'enn Thunderhead Superfortress Staff of Unrelenting Order)
Breya: Captain Kerchak, we're about to be boarded.
Kerchak: We'll give 'em a fight to remember, Admiral.
Breya: No, you and your men will stand down and submit to whatever terms you're offered. Otherwise they'll just gravy our decks remotely.
Kerchak: I'll detail an honor guard for you, Admiral.
Breya: I have no honor left to guard. I sacrificed the Athens so that the Sarasota might escape.
Breya: Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go greet our guests. Maybe I've got something I can trade to save you and your men.
Breya: C'mon, brother.
Ob'enn Commander: Admiral Breya Andreyasn, I didn't realize we had a celebrity in our midst.
Breya: And I didn't know I was famous.
Ob'enn Commander: You're not.

Your brother is.

Ob'enn Commander: His is one of the finest minds in the galaxy, and we'd like the chance to 'pick his brains.'
Kevyn: Hey, I may be clever, but you'll get better results if you talk to a few Gavs. There's only one of me.
Kevyn: We've got a few Gavs. All they do is bicker with one another and demand more Guinness.