Sunday April 2, 2006
Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei — Part V: Glamour Assault


Narrator: Andromeda, aboard the Tohdfraug flagship, in orbit around a watery sapphire of a world. . .
Admiral Tebbir: They're all going to die. We've failed you. We've failed them.
Petey: It may not be as bad as all that. Brief me.
Admiral Tebbir: We used your radio-shell technique to survey for intelligent life.
Admiral Tebbir: Most radio shells were about 300 light-years deep before they terminated in supernova shells.
Admiral Tebbir: The Pa'anuri are still killing worlds. We've found dozens of cinders this way. Sometimes there are dead space stations, too.
Admiral Tebbir: The Pa'anuri found us, like you said they would. but The weapons you provided were effective. We started clearing a sector for our own use, and then we found this world, right at the edge of it.
Admiral Tebbir: These people have undersea cities, and they're just beginning to forge metals in deep vents. The Pa'anuri wouldn't have found them for thousands of years.
Admiral Tebbir: Except the Pa'anuri knew we were here.
Admiral Tebbir: The local star is fine. We secured it first.
Admiral Tebbir: The binary four light-years away, though... The Pa'anuri slammed a neutron star into the primary.
Admiral Tebbir: That blast will sterilize any world within a hundred light years. These people don't stand a chance.
Petey: I know some folks who make really, really big umbrellas.
Admiral Tebbir: Big enough to cover a planet?
Petey: Bigger.