Sunday April 9, 2006
Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei — Part V: Glamour Assault


Announcer: Following the conclusion of "Psychic Suzie," Stay tuned for a special edition of "Glamour Assault," right here on HTRN.
Psychic Suzie: Michael, I'm getting a name... letters from the middle of the alphabet?
Michael: Yeah... "Meryl." My mother's name was Meryl.
Suzie: That's right, Michael. You two were close?
Michael: Uh-huh. I took care of her for six years before she died.
Suzie: And now that she's gone, you have an empty place inside...?
Michael: I don't know what to do with her room.
Suzie: ... your house? Inside your house, yes.
Michael: What is she saying?
Suzie: The dead don't like to be bothered, Michael.
Michael: Um... they don't?
Suzie: No. But my psychic powers enable me to poke them, to rouse them from their peaceful post-mortality. I twist their psychic arms until they speak... and they all pretty much say the same thing.
Suzie: They say "ow! Cut that out!" and then "If you're alive, then prove it! Get a life!"
Michael: So... can I rent her room out to my cousin?
Suzie: I think that would be fine.
Tagon: Okay, I like "Psychic Suzie." It's kind of a shame to take out the whole network.
Ennesby: Collateral damage, sir.