Friday June 16, 2006
Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei — Part VI: Long Arm of the Law
Note: The League of Galactics is a millennia-old body of diplomats and other ne'er-do-wells representing almost two hundred thousand different governments throughout the Milky Way Galaxy. It has a rich and varied history, liberally garnished with back-patting tales of heroic diplomacy -- studies conducted, sanctions administered, statements released, and reprimands served.

It has about as much effect on key galactic events as central Asian rainfall has on the mean high tide in the Gulf of Mexico. Brandishing a reprimand from the League of Galactics is only marginally worse than threatening to cut off one's access to the Ron Popeil Shopping Channel.


Ambassador Breya: This is Ambassador Breya Andreysan, aboard the U.N.S. Embassy Ship Terra Firmator.
Ambassador Breya: Petey, if you start harboring fugitives, the U.N.S. and the League of Galactics will assign you "Rogue State" status.
Petey: "Rogue" sounds pretty cool. Can I wear an eyepatch to meetings?
Ambassador Breya: Petey, you're not taking this seriously.
Petey: Hey, you said "League of Galactics" before I said "eyepatch." You started it.