Sunday June 18, 2006
Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei — Part VI: Long Arm of the Law


Ambassador Breya: As the U.N.S. Ambassador to the Fleetmind, it is my pleasure to invite you all aboard the Terra Firmator for dinner.
Captain Tagon: Admiral? You're an ambassador now?
Kevyn: My sister, the Ambassador. . . Dinner sounds good to me.
Massey: No way, it's a trap.
Ambassador Breya: The Terra Firmator may be a former battleship, but it has been both lobotomized and decomissioned. It is just an embassy with legs these days.
Massey: That's exactly the problem. It's an embassy.
Captain Tagon: Massey, are you going someplace with this?
Massey: Going? Well, as a fugitive pursued by Celeschul law enforcement, I'm not going to hang out aboard a U.N.S. embassy.
Massey: This "dinner" is actually an extradition hearing. If Petey is really willing to extradite us to Celeschul, which shares transparent, automatic extradition with the U.N.S., then the moment we step aboard a U.N.S. embassy, the law says we're already extradited, and no hearing is necessary.
Captain Tagon: Dinner at the embassy sounded kind of nice, though.
Massey: Think of it as an apertif and a few fancy hors d'oeuvres before a repast of fifteen-plus years of prison food.
Schlock: Wow. If they serve that all at once, I'm in.