Wednesday May 7, 2008
Book 10: The Longshoreman of the Apocalypse — Part I: Wet Feet
Note: It is common practice to refer to Merchant Registry vessels as "Mister," because "Mister" abbreviates to MR. Since these vessels are ALSO referred to with feminine pronouns, the easily amused can provide themselves with hours of laughs. "I watched Mister So-and-so dock, and she steers like a cow." Hilarious.


Captain Tagon: TAG, pop the VDA and let's 'port into Credomar by the numbers.
TAG: Array popped, LZ is clear to twenty-five light-seconds and counting.
Captain Tagon: Mister Eatonrun, this is Touch-And-Go. Teraport coordinates are attached.

Entry looks clear. If there are pirates further in, we'll deal with 'em. We've dealt with pirates before.

Eatonrun Commander: Touch-And-Go. . . Are you referring to the pirates who captured half your command staff and blew a hole in your forward blade?
Captain Tagon: The Merchant Registry has really good intel.
Ennesby: And you keep selling story rights to Magic Dreamland Entertainment.