Thursday May 15, 2008
Book 10: The Longshoreman of the Apocalypse — Part I: Wet Feet
Note: 'Chelle's landing of her damaged tank was almost exactly like a first kiss: soft, tentative, and kind of clumsy. We could extend the metaphor a bit, and point out that TAG observed the whole thing like an anxious father sitting where he could peek out at the front porch, but that would start to get a little creepy.


Kevyn: Welcome back, Ensign. It looks like it really did get hot out there.
'Chelle: Ummm. . . Hi, Commander, I thought you were off shift?
Kevyn: I was. You woke me up.
'Chelle: I brought her in as soft as a first kiss, sir. There's no way you heard me land. Not even if you were sleeping right here in the bay.
Kevyn: My bedside alarm goes off anytime the word "antimatter" is used on the ship's comms.
Elf: Not anymore.