Sunday November 22, 2009
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part III: Credomar Command


NARRATOR: Two hundred and forty-four hours from now (that's ten days plus an early breakfast) Thurl will call everyone home.

The Credomaran emergency exit system is on schedule to be done about two meals before then...

KEVYN: Perfect timing!

KEVYN: The first batch of teraport modules just came out, and here you are.

LOTA: Excellent.  The installers shall begin phase three in earnest.

KEVYN: Which means it's time for you and I to begin talking about phase four.

LOTA: Payment?

KEVYN: Redundancy.

Soon you will have the ability to save lives in the event of catastrophic damage to the habitat.

You still lack the ability to prevent catastrophic damage.  You need a few good first resorts to go with your last resort.

KEVYN: Your fabbers can churn out an army of interceptor drones to protect against meteoric impacts.  The annie plants here can be configured to contain atmosphere.

Just because you've got good lifeboats doesn't mean you no longer need radar and a bilge-pump.

KEVYN: The annie-plants in particular are being under-utilized.  If you'll let me look at the control systems, I'll make--

LOTA: *interrupting* No.

LOTA: Those systems house Lota's consciousness.  They are not to be interfered with.

LOTA: More to the point, in consideration of your previous assassination plan, should any of you as much as approach those systems Lota would be required to fire you.

KEVYN: Okay, I get it.

LOTA: Out an airlock.