Saturday November 28, 2009
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part III: Credomar Command
Lexicological Note: McDonald's trademark on the term "Happy Meal" lapsed during the Great Mood Swing of the mid-23rd. The term returned to colloquial use during the Remergence of the late 28th.

The word "McNuggets" was banned as a racial slur in the early 22nd.


KEVYN: "Weaponized fries" is a metaphor.  I upsold Lota on a defense network for Credomar.

KEVYN: We need an early-warning array with threat identification and targeting, ...

... beam weapon satellites for nudging comets and asteroids into safe orbits, ...

KEVYN: ... and of course assorted missile platforms for taking down the big stuff, like pirates, or even small invading fleets.

EBBIRNOTH: That's not just fries.  You sold him the whole Happy-Meal.

PI: I want to design the toy.