Sunday October 3, 2010
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part V: Command and Conquer


ENNESBY: Ebby, the most direct route will be the transit shaft.  The next access is coming up on your left.

EBBY: I see it.  We have a new problem, though.


TAGON: We've got a lot of problems, Ebby.  This closet is full of solutions.

TAGON: Emergency vacuum suits.  Just the thing you'd expect to find next to an airlock.

TAGON: These suits are baggy enough that you can put one on over your armor.  Grab a couple of toolkits, and we're disguised as transit tunnel repairmen.

TAGON: Provided nobody gets close enough to make eye contact.

EBBY: Okay, we're in.  Which way do we go?

ENNESBY: Up, sirs.

EBBY: I see a light waaay up there in the distance.  Is that our destination?

ENNESBY: No that is an oncoming train.

TAGON: Your eye just did that twitchy thing.  More good news?