Sunday October 10, 2010
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part V: Command and Conquer


PETEY: Ms. Damico, I am Petey.  Thank you for taking my call.  I understand how valuable your time is.

DAMICO: You hacked in and interrupted me, Pete.  Hurry up and make your point.

PETEY: It has come to my attention that you have a pair of captives, and will soon have captured the thugs who are attempting to rescue them.

I would like to purchase all of them from you.  I am prepared to pay handsomely, and can arrange immediate, discreet pick-up.

DAMICO: How handsomely?

PETEY: Twenty-five times the sum Andreyasn stole from you.

DAMICO: How discreetly?

PETEY: Lower your anti-teraport defenses, and the parties in question will simply vanish.

DAMICO: Andreyasn's theft insulted me.  These thugs have killed my people.

I demand satisfaction.

PETEY: And you are entitled to that.  Let us not forget, however, that you are also a shrewd businesswoman.

I have now established the opportunity cost for this "satisfaction," you desire.  I earnestly hope to appeal to your more fiscally cunning side.

DAMICO: And if I refuse to accept your insulting appeasement?

PETEY: Oh dear.

PETEY: I'm afraid the satisfaction you demand would become exceedingly expensive.

DAMICO: All that fancy talk... you're just another thug waving a gun!

PETEY: Be fair.  I waved money first.