Sunday April 10, 2011
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part II: Mass and Might


NARRATOR: The Shephard residence, Baffler's Bulkhead, Haven Hive...

MA SHEPHARD: So Venus was a complete wash except for the bennies.  Then they transferred Erasmus to Tokyo3, which I loved, but it didn't last long enough.

MA SHEPHARD: We were young and foolish, and when a position opened up on Celeschul we thought it would be nice to see something besides Sol system, as if we'd really seen a good chunk of it instead of a few cities and their grey, industrial bellies.

MA SHEPHARD: Turned out the position wasn't even on Celeschul, and the housing was here, in these giant cans.  Oh, what I wouldn't--

SFX: *interrupting* DING-DONG

MA SHEPHARD: You stay right there, honey.  I'll check the door.  Don't let me forget where we were!  You know how old age can be, or maybe you don't...

TAILOR: "Saved by the bell" is an ancient, storied, and well-worn expression, probably because it is so delightful when it occurs.

PARA: She's delightful, and we're not getting mugged or shot at in here.  Besides, I can multi-task in my head while she talks.  And talks, and talks...

MA SHEPHARD: *off-panel* He's not here, Tino, but come in.  We can wait for him together and sort this out.

PARA: With a couple more adjustments to your nanoserger--

MA SHEPHARD: *interrupting, off-panel* We've got cookies, and company, so...

PARA and TINO: *simultaneous, screaming* WAAAUGH!

MA SHEPHARD: Oh.  You've met already, then?