Sunday May 1, 2011
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part II: Mass and Might


NARRATOR: Back in the Shephard residence, Ma Shephard rambles under duress...

MA SHEPHARD My Jeremiah came home about two months ago.

He'd been well paid for that horrid mercenary work you people do, but I won't complain because he settled all my debts, including this place.

MA SHEPHARD: *as narrator* He had only been home for two days when he got in some fight or another.  "Criminals," he said.

MA SHEPHARD: There was blkood on his hands and fire in his eyes.  I knew he had been looking for trouble.

MA SHEPHARD: *as narrator* Inside of a week he had a gang of friends like Tino here.  But they had a whole hive of enemies.

MA SHEPHARD: Bless their hearts, they did clean things up.  They started with Baffler's Bulkhead, and were making headway in the Incertezas.

MA SHEPHARD: *as narrator* But then he came.  He walked right into this room while Jeremiah was gone.

MAX: Your son has two futures.  In one, you have him drink this.

He loses his symbiote, his soldier boosts, and his gang of thugs.  He goes on to live safely at home with you.

MAX: The other future is shorter.  He does not drink this.  He continues his fight.  He and his friends die.  You attend several funerals.

One week later, I attend your funeral.  I bring lovely flowers.

PARA: Wow...

PARA: That guy sounds really melodramatic.

MA SHEPHARD: I may have punched up his dialog a little bit.