Friday April 15, 2011
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part II: Mass and Might


KATHRYN: *over comm* I've hired you a shuttle.  The contact information is attached.

Store Sign: MIDA-PIDA

BUNNI: After what we paid you for transportation this had better be a first-class ride.

KATHRYN: *over comm* It is the best of what was available.

BUNNI: Kathryn, this is Haven Hive.  "Best" could mean even odds of a hull-breach halfway home.

KATHRYN: Sorry, Doc.  It's best this way.  I like you, but if you're really this mixed up with U.N.S. Deep-Darks, they'll find a way to use me against you.

BUNNI: You know I wasn't going to let Schlock eat you, right?

KATHRYN: *over comm* I'm not convinced you have that tight a grip on his leash.