Sunday April 17, 2011
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part II: Mass and Might


NARRATOR: Behind the 'Mida-'Pida, eastern Incertezas, Haven Hive...

BUNNI: Can you follow that scent, Sergeant?

SCHLOCK: No problem.

BUNNI: Ennesby, go with Sergeant Schlock.  He's got no comm, and no weapon.  You've got both.

ENNESBY: I also have a measure of discretion he may lack.

BUNNI: Don't play that card.  You set three people's heads on fire not fifteen minutes ago.

ENNESBY: And I stopped shooting the moment I had their undivided attention.

ENNESBY: But let's not argue the finer points.  You need Sergeant Schlock and me to track and locate Shep and his abductors without unnecessarily endangering ourselves or disobeying our directive from Captain Tagon to "not make the news."

BUNNI: Stay safe, and stay in touch.  Go.


BUNNI: Corporal, do you think the two of them are going to be okay?

LEGS: You ordered them to stay safe and stay in touch.

BUNNI: The next call they make will probably come from atop a steaming pile of corpses.

LEGS: If you have to dispose of a few bodies, better that they belong to the enemy, right?