Sunday December 4, 2011
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part I: Read


PETEY-NODE: Hello, Commander.  Are you ready to start?


TAGON: Sergeant Schlock, Lieutenant Ventura, you're excused.  Commander Foxworthy, stay here with us please.

PARA: Come on, Sarge.  It's grown-up time in there.

SCHLOCK: Tagon gets to stay?

PARA: The Captain is automatically a grown-up.  It's a rule.

TAGON: Okay, it's just the four of us.  Now, Petey, fess up.

PETEY-NODE: Commander, I can do more than just flag the false memories in your head.  I can restore some of the real ones.

TAGON: Petey, you're supposed to start with the confession, not the temptation.

PETEY-NODE: Right.  Sorry.

PETEY-NODE: Kevyn, I violated your privacy.

KEVYN: This sheet is made out of nanny-cams?

PETEY-NODE: You required my medical attention following your mission on Pronto's World.  I had to perform extensive reconstruction, reversing some aggressively militant modifications.

When I did this, I took the liberty of copying pretty much everything, including what was in your brain.

KEVYN: That seems... justifiably expedient.

PETEY-NODE: It also provided me with some very educational reading.

ELF: If I smash the litttle hover projector does the koala-god feel pain?