Sunday December 11, 2011
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part I: Read


PETEY: Commanders Andreyasn and Foxworthy have both agreed to the procedure.

TAGON: Good.  I'm gla-- Wait, both of them?

PETEY: Yes.  You and I agreed that Commander Foxworthy needed to unjustly transfer her anger, and to relapse into violent displays of it.

TAGON: Right.  I mean, I knew Elf was going to hit me, but I thought that was going to bring Kevyn back around.

PETEY: After striking you, Elf immediately felt ashamed and guilty, which, when coupled with the catharsis inherent in knocking you through a wall, opened her up to an actual discussion of the matter.

This drew Commander Andreyasn in, and with their negative feelings pushed off onto you, I was able to explain things to them very rationally.

PETEY: And you were brilliant.  Nobody else could have played that.

TAGON: I know my people.

And I know you're letting me think this was all my idea to begin with.

PETEY: You positively stuck that landing.

TAGON: If I let anybody else punch me we'll both know that you botched my brain surgery.

TAGON: In fact... I can't believe I let it happen even one time.

PETEY: People with normal, non-botched brains feel that way every day.