Sunday April 15, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part II: Write


AMB. GAV: ...isting!  They're twisting!  Doc!  It's starting!

BUNNI: Confirmed!  I'm seeing enzyme production and ion transfer up and down the new fullerene matrices.  He's doing it himself now.

BUNNI: Look at monitor six!  We've got tendril activity behind the new eyes!

AMB. GAV: Sergeant!  Are you in there?

SCHLOCK: Gav?  What did you do to your... ungh, hang on.

BUNNI: Now look at monitor six!  This is amazing!

SCHLOCK: Your hair's s'posed to be blue, right?

AMB. GAV: I get it.  Color calibration!  You're doing the ICC's job on the fly!

SCHLOCK: What icy sea?  Where am I?

AMB. GAV: Sorry.  Ancient history.  Welcome back!  I brought you some new eyes.

SCHLOCK: What happened to the old ones?

AMB. GAV: You don't remember?

SCHLOCK: Last thing I remember was letting myself get drunk.

BUNNI: That's what I was afraid of.  I suppose we could throw you into a tub of imitation Ovalkwik and let you try to re-index the scraps we were able to save.

SCHLOCK: So the therapy for getting drunk is getting drunk again?  I thought you were a real doctor.