Sunday December 2, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part III: Execute


NARRATOR: Station Imo...

TAGON: Danita, what's down there?  What exactly are we trying to stop?

DANITA: Oisri is at least two things, Captain.  First, it is a hard-copy data storage system, of which we've only "read" less than a trillionth of a trillionth of what's encoded.

Second, it's a containment system.  It holds dark matter, compressed or condensed in some way.

DANITA: The sequence we started is a decompression and release sequence.

The dangers only became apparent when we started getting numbers back.

TAGON: Is the dark matter alive?  Because those things are dangerous.  I think we're still at war with them.

DANITA: Alive or not, we have a more immediate problem.

DANITA: The containment mechanism actively shields us from a steep gravitational gradient.

"Opening" Oisri will un-shield us.  Worst case, the planet immediately collapses into a ball of hot neutronium.

TAGON: Best case?

DANITA: Your guess is as good as mine.  Maybe all the dirty ice turns into clean air and butterflies.

TAGON: Which a hungry dark-matter beastie then devours on its way to eat my ship.

DANITA: That's possible.  We don't know.  Perhaps the answer is encoded somewhere on Oisri's surface.

TAGON: This sounds a lot like "we didn't bother to read the manual."

DANITA: There should have been more information on the quick-start card.