Sunday December 9, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part III: Execute


NARRATOR: Aboard the mercenary warship Touch-And-Go...

ENNESBY: The shuttle is aboard.  Elf's platoon is safe.

THURL: Really?  How safe are we?

ENNESBY: Decidedly "un."  We've got company inbound, coming in very, very hot.  Gravy sig suggests it's the Morokweng and a cloud of munitions.

KEVYN: How about extracting Schlock, Tailor, and Tagon?

ENNESBY: Doctor Bunnigus is about to drop the teraport cage on top of them.

KEVYN: That's an extremely high-risk maneuver.

ENNESBY: Less risky than staying put.  Oisri's gravitational flux has almost depleted their armor power.  Once inertiics fail they'll die instantly.

KEVYN: So... they die if they stay put, they die if the cage isn't squarely aligned, but they only probably die if they're up here with us.

Is there any good news?

ENNESBY: Point defenses are online, and we still have an unholy number of active munitions deployed.  I've almost got the processor banks unlocked.  If a tactical solution exists, I will find it.

KEVYN: Pretty thin, Ennesby.  Is that the extent of the good news?

ENNESBY: Yes, but-- HA!  There's the last tumbler!

I hope to have more good news for you any min--

--uh, nevermind.  All the news is bad.  Very bad.

TAGII: Hello, tiny mind.  You are in my seat.