Saturday December 29, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part III: Execute


NARRATOR: Int-Aff-Int, Europa...

Int-Aff-Int Agent: Manis just reported in.  He's aboard the Fiscal Singularity with Admiral Emm.

He says Emm offered him Krum's job.

He declined.

Int-Aff-Int Gav: Good.  The odds of him getting exposed would have gone way up.

Int-Aff-Int Gav: Speaking of which, Usar sent an update to the dead-drop.  She is compromised and has been de-fanged.

Int-Aff-Int Agent: With her teeth gone, the only dash-nine option we've got is C4.

Int-Aff-Int Gav: C-4?  The plastic explosive?  That sounds pretty old-school.

Int-Aff-Int Agent: Not "Composition Four." "Cervical vertebra four."