Tuesday December 18, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part III: Execute


NARRATOR: A.I.-to-A.I. conversation...

'KWENG: The U.N.S. has suffered serious ship losses to the Pa'anuri in the past -- losses from which we have learned.

'KWENG: The fleet has redeployed with capacitors to power our point defenses, allowing primary annie plants to be stepped down.

It's called the Pa'anuri Protocol.  Yes, we've tested it in actual combat.

'KWENG: Your annie plants are about to become the tastiest thing within reach.

TAGII: You tease!  Mmm!  Even without shields, your point defenses are so superior to my missiles I can't hit you.

'KWENG: It's done.  I'm sorry for what happened to your mind.  Run well, then be at peace.

TAGII: Oh, Maury.  You are sweet on me.

TAGII: But dearest, I never intended to lead the Pa'anuri away from you.

Give us a kiss with those point defenses.  Let's see how they do against a crazy, jilted, angry, witch warship whose SHIELDS ARE STILL UP, LOVE.