Sunday December 8, 2013
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part III: Exhalation and Exit Strategies


NARRATOR: Command Deck...

TAGON: Kevyn, why aren't you down in the lab leading that analysis?

KEVYN: Your dad's team has it.  They don't need my supervision.

TAGON: And I do?

KEVYN: That's not

TAGON: Because it sounds like you trust my dad more than you trust me.

KEVYN: Actually, it's Bristlecone I don't trust.

BRISTLECONE: Noted.  Nice deflection, by the way.

NARRATOR: Field surgery...

TAILOR: Shodan, you should take Chelle and her escort around the corner now.

SHODAN: *shouting* Chelle!  You, Wilson, and Eccles have the perimeter.  GO!

TAILOR: You too, sir.  Pi and I have this.

SHODAN: I'm staying.

TAILOR: Sir, you can't help at this point.  You have to trust us to do this right.

SHODAN: If I didn't trust you, I'd be around the corner.

PI: Cut the red wire.

NARRATOR: Maraca brain...

PARA: Tagii, please.  If you don't migrate out, I can't save Ennesby.

TAGII: You don't trust me to stay here?  Well, I don't trust you to give me a proper refuge.

Also, I can't leave until Ennesby lets me go.

ENNESBY: You'd have unrestricted access to all my I/O!  I—

TAGII: *interrupting* Don't trust me?

I think there is a lot of that going around right now.