Sunday February 2, 2014
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part III: Exhalation and Exit Strategies


GEN. TAGON: It sounds like you're in that dark place that lies between giving the best orders you can, and learning whether or not you can live with the results.

TAGON: Yeah.

TAGON: How's Kevyn?

GEN. TAGON: The Oafan surgeon, Maiamumla Well-Flesher, stabilized him with just her tentacles.

He's still missing his left arm, but the wound has healed over and he's sleeping off the shock.

GEN. TAGON: Look, Kaff, I know you're worried but maybe you should take a little "you" time and find yourself some clothes.

TAGON: About that...

TAGON: Fourteen members of this company are completely unaware of how aggressively the station will target the annie plants in their company-issue uniforms and armor.

TAGON: I can't warn them.  I can't send help.  I can't do anything but wait.

GEN. TAGON: The burden of command is easier to conceal with the right clothing.

TAGON: I'll go find a shirt.

GEN. TAGON: Just trousers and shoes, Son.  You look good shirtless, and I still don't have any grandchildren.