Friday February 14, 2014
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part III: Exhalation and Exit Strategies


TAGON: What does "Tikkutsafa" mean?

BRISTLECONE: *over comm* "T'kkkuts Afa."  Two words.  "Afa" means a lot of things, but the original meaning is "wind."

Wind was considered a mystical force during ancient Oafan history, and is synonymous with "unmoved mover" and "God."

"T'kkkuts" is a string of sounds that are painful for Oafans to voice.  It's an obscenity.

It, too, means a lot of things.  Anger is evoked by the tone, but the word typically specifies injury, damage, and violation of self.

TAGON: "Angry god" sounds accurate to me.

BRISTLECONE: *over comm* It is the name an angry god uses for itself, but the name means "Broken Wind."