Thursday February 27, 2014
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part III: Exhalation and Exit Strategies


ENNESBY: Tagii and I had a nice conversation with Broken Wind, and aligned our objectives.  She's not crazy, not really.  Just lonely, and under some misconceptions about the state of current events.

TAGON: What happened to the original Oafa?

ENNESBY: Stagnancy and decline, selection pressure...  We don't have the whole story.

TAGON: It sounds like she's hiding things from you.

ENNESBY: She's forgotten.  Those systems were not meant to go unmaintained for this long.

ENNESBY: She's forgotten more things than we currently know.

TAGON: I've heard that one before.  Old people say it all the time.

shirt: *printed* M70


ENNESBY: Well, here's a new twist.  I've seen the size of what's missing.  She's forgotten more than what ALL of us know.

All of us put together.

TAGON: That's not a twist.  Dad used to use that on the new squaddies.

GEN. TAGON: And I wasn't lying.