Sunday February 23, 2014
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part III: Exhalation and Exit Strategies


NARRATOR: Three teraports later...

LIZ: You did it.  Just like you promised when I coin-checked you.  You won.

TAGON: Not me.  Ennesby did it.  And Para, and Tagii, and—

LIZ: *interrupting* Oh, stop it.

LIZ: Um, sir.

TAGON: Your point?

LIZ: You won.  Everybody else did their part, but you put them there.

LIZ: And now this coin I got from Murtaugh has three sides.

TAGON: I thought I was following along, but nope.  You've lost me.

LIZ: One side has Maxim 7, which says that good food solves problems.

The other side has Maxim 23, which says that bad food causes problems.

LIZ: But now?  In my hands, there's a third side, the inside, that says "My captain is my captain for all of the right reasons."

Nobody can read the inside except me, but this coin will always say that, just as surely as if those words were stamped right in the brass.

TAGON: Nobody can read the inside...

TAGON: Mother of Chrome...

TAGON: No... Mother of Aluminum.

LIZ: Sir?

TAGON: Sorry.  I like how you think, and the respect is outstanding but my brain is doing that thing with the too much all at one time.

LIZ: Epiphany?

TAGON: Ungh.  Usually I have people do this for me.