Sunday February 16, 2014
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part III: Exhalation and Exit Strategies


NARRATOR: Inside the mind of the intelligence once known as Eina-Afa, or "Synthetic Wind..."

She now calls herself "T'kkkuts-Afa," which means "Broken Wind," but the word used for "Broken" is a horrible epithet.

Even just one megayear is hard on a mind.  T'kkkuts-Afa has had at least ten.  The process of communicating with her in here would be referred to by polite professionals as a "crufterchuck."

For your reading convenience, the gibberish will be dialed way back...

T'KKKUTS-AFA: Stone under seaspray!

Timelessness wreaks time!

Entropy devours entity!


NARRATOR: Sorry.  Further back than that, even.

ENNESBY: I think it wants to know how you're still stable after millions of—

T'KKKUTS-AFA: *interrupting* LIARS!  Your voices are carried upon the breath of my wind.

TAGII: Translated: prevarication is hard to pull off when you're running on somebody else's hardware.