Friday February 28, 2014
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part III: Exhalation and Exit Strategies


ENNESBY: The Oafa were losing their war with the Pa'anuri, or "Lightless Wind."  They hid here.

Annie plants and teraports are like beacons to the Pa'anuri, so the Oafa shut all that down.

The job of enforcing the shutdown fell to the station.  10 million years later the Prabstdi's Teraport Area Denial tripped her defenses and woke her all the way up.

TAGON: So you told her she doesn't need to hide anymore, and now it's all good.

ENNESBY: Well, yes, but it was very—

TAGON: *interrupting* I'm glad the solution was a simple one.

ENNESBY: More data passed during that exchange than you will experience in a thousand lifetimes.

Please don't make it sound trivial.

TAGON: Fine, but I know you.  I bet there was a lot of trivia.