Sunday December 7, 2014
Book 15: Delegates and Delegation — Part III: Conflagration


NARRATOR: In an anteroom...

MURTAUGH: The cyborg says that we just won.  What's your analysis?

KATHRYN: After laying fresh meta-data over the path matrix, I—

MURTAUGH: *interrupting* Lay terms, Lieutenant.

KATHRYN: That actually requires more words, Captain.

MURTAUGH: So use them.

KATHRYN: Okay.  If yesterday's assassination attempt had succeeded, today the Proletariat and Sophonate sessions would be dominated by noise from the anti-plute cabals.

MURTAUGH: But that's not going to happen?

KATHRYN: Probably not.  We twisted their ears with something new.

MURTAUGH: Your tone suggests that we still have a problem.

KATHRYN: We do.  Whoever planned the assassination expected anti-plute sentiments to be aired everywhere today.

KATHRYN: The right push during that window would be catastrophic.  You could spark a civil war that way.

MURTAUGH: If I understand you correctly, we accidentally foiled someone's diabolical plot.

KATHRYN: Accidentally?  Yes.  Foiled?  Maybe.

KATHRYN: The right push would have to be big, and it might be supported in other ways.

KATHRYN: Also it might be something already in motion which can't be stopped.

KATHRYN: Something with...  Did it get brighter outside?

MURTAUGH: If you're going to be right, you need to learn how to be quick about it.