Monday December 8, 2014
Book 15: Delegates and Delegation — Part III: Conflagration

Note: The crayons pictured above are from the 32-color "Dogs of War" set from Cryhavocolor, and nice people wouldn't know that this set's high price comes from the FOG OF WAR GREY crayon. It costs more to manufacture, because it's carefully marbled with hidden chips of WHOSE BLOOD IS THIS RED and CEASE FRIENDLY FIRE IT'S US FOR THE LOVE OF YELLOW. 

Nope. Nice people wouldn't know that at all.


NARRATOR: This is a rainbow.

Rainbows occur when untold trillions of water molecules all bend sunlight toward an observer.

NARRATOR: Children with crayons can render recognizable rainbows in minutes.

(You might end up with a unicorn as a bonus.)

NARRATOR: Right now, untold trillions of mirrors orbiting the Earth are bending sunlight toward the Proletariament office complex in Dom Atlantis.

crayon 1: *printed* AUIIIEEYELLOW

crayon 2: *printed* WHY AM I ON FIRE WHITE

NARRATOR: We've provided you with the rainbow picture because nice people don't own the kind of crayons that would be needed to draw a picture of what people are seeing from that office building.